James S. Christy, Vice President (Left)
Stephen R. Speer, President (Right)

James S. Christy,
Vice President &
Co-Founder of Aerostar Aircraft Corporation

A.S. Business Administration
Federal Aviation Administration Certified Pilot
Federal Aviation Administration Airframe &
Powerplant Technician

Mr. Jim Christy is responsible for market research, sales, and overall marketing strategies for all products. Mr. Christy's aviation experience includes a solid background in the operational aspects of the Aerostar.

Before co-founding Aerostar Aircraft Corporation, he held positions in customer service, sales, and sales management with Ted Smith Aerostar Corporation, Piper, and with Aerostar dealers.

He was also involved early on in the formation of Machen, Incorporated and a co-founder of American Aviation, Incorporated.

Mr. Christy has over 20 years of aircraft operations, sales, and marketing experience. Mr. Christy has developed and implemented marketing and sales strategies for all of Aerostar's products.

In addition, he has directed the flight test certification program associated with Aerostar's current development programs.

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