Good Maintenance and Proper Equipment
is Key to Safe Winder Flying.
by James S. Christy

Winter Weather is hard on your Airplane!
As pilots we're all aware of the importance of deicing our airplanes before takeoff and proper preheating of the engines before attempting a start. Before you head into cold weather you could also make sure your landing gear is properly serviced and not leaking. Cold weather can contribute to a leaking strut going completely flat, and any flat strut is a no go item. The reason is, the landing gear may not come down if it were retracted. In addition if the nose strut is flat and it does happen to come down, you may still lose directional control on the touchdown due to the strut not centering. If you have the newer style Wiebel nose gear you should also assure compliance with AD 94-15-13 requiring installation of Aerostar Service Bulletin 600-128 kit. The AD says it is required within 100 hrs: "To prevent failure of the nose landing gear caused by frozen moisture within cylinder which could lead to nose gear collapse"
Known Icing Certification
If your Aerostar is already equipped with items 1-8 in the accompanying checklist you can upgrade to known icing certification today, because items 9-12 are in-stock and available in kit form for field installation. Item 9 windshield Anti-Ice has been upgraded from a heated Plexiglas panel to glass providing a greater long term visibility. Even if your Aerostar is properly equipped and certified for flight into "know icing condition" be sure you read understand the flight manual and supplement and operate the aircraft in accordance with that information.
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