Wheel Brake System

OPTION #246 – 700-6 Wheel Brake System 

Part Number: AAA00138


This six piston braking system provides a tremendous braking improvement, giving you the added safety and complete control you expect from a high performance aircraft. Only moderate pedal pressure is now required on touchdown to obtain maximum braking power and light pressure will hold you motionless during high power pre-takeoff run-ups. 

Main Landing Gear Lower Side Braces


Main Landing Gear Lower Side Braces


Part Number: AAS00072

There have been several reports of the main landing gear lower side brace cracking at the bolt lug where the upper and lower side braces connect. Failure of the brace has resulted in gear collapse and loss of aircraft control. A lower side brace has therefore been designed which exceed with substantial margins all the requirements of the FAR’s. 

Turbocharger Scavage Pumps

SERVICE BULLETIN #600-131A – Turbocharger Scavenge Pumps


Part Numbers: 300110-001 / 300110-002

Service Bulletin 600-131A was issued in response to several reported failures of scavenge pumps, some of which resulted in loss of engine oil. Therefore, a new pump has been designed and certified which eliminates the known failure modes of the existing pumps. 

Electric Windshield Anti-Ice

OPTION #126 – Electric Windshield Anti-Ice


Part Number: AAA00220

If you have ever made an approach with ice on the windshield you know what a handicap it can be. Until recently there was no good solution, neither the alcohol nor the old PlexiglassTM hotplate were available. Now a new factory Anti-icing System is available and in stock. This new system features all glass construction. You’ll appreciate the clarity and efficiency of a glass hotplate. It also helps defog the inside of the windshield in front of the pilot. 

Glass Anti-Ice Replacement Window


Glass Anti-Ice Replacement Window


Part Number: AAA00219

602P OWNERS…If your Aerostar is equipped with the old PlexiglassTM hotplate anti-icing panel you’re probably flying with really reduced visibility from plastic crazing. Aerostar offers an all glass anti-ice hotplate to replace the old original PlexiglassTM window. 

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